Dwayne Herbert

7 times National Champion – Spearfishing

I’m Dwane Herbert a commercial Kina an Paua diver, I’ve been in the water swimming around since the age of 7 my old man is a commercial diver too so I sort of just followed step and carried on. I have been competitive spear fishing since I was 7 an won the NZ junior under 18 title numerous times and as I grew older won the national title 7 times. I’ve travelled with the NZ spearfishing team all over the pacific competing at the inter pacific competition between NZ, Australia, New Caledonia. Tahiti, Guam and Hawaii. This has given me a good range of diving an experience in different countries.

With my job I have dived all over NZ from the 3 kings in the Far North to Stewart Island and Fiordland in the Deep South. I absolutely love the summer diving in the north with the warm clean waters and big fish.

One highlight in my diving is sailing from NZ to Fiji and on the way stopping at Minerva reef for a week. I saw Wahoo, Tiger Sharks and speared a Yellowfin Tuna while drifting out wide of the reef.

I haven’t had the drive to go destinations purely to spear a certain large specied in a far out place but that is changing and am now setting myself some goals to dive in some exotic place chasing strange fish.

I have used BEUCHAT gear for many years now an love the marlin carbone speargun, the hand piece feels so comfortable and smooth to line fish up with, I use the Beuchat Mundial Mask, it’s the best fitting mask I’ve ever tried and the silicone skirt is soft and seals really well.