Nat Davey

World Record Holder – Spearfishing

Ive been diving since I was a kid. It started with catching Crayfish and Shellfish while snorkelling, then I moved onto tank diving from the ages 15 to 30 doing up to  200 dives a year. With spending so much time under the water I learnt so much about where certain fish species live and about their characteristics which put me on the front foot for when I got into spearfishing.

When I was 18 my brother and myself started up a commercial fishing business out of the Bay of Islands. We always said if we couldn’t think like a fish we would never be able to catch them and catch them we did. At the age of 35 I decided I wanted to take a step back from the long hours working on the boats. Now I spend long hours in the water enjoying what the ocean has to offer from a different angle.
The great thing about spearfishing is that it is your choice to pull the trigger or not, that’s what makes it the most sustainable kind of fishing there is. Ive been seriously spearing for three years and love it. Some days you might shoot nothing other days you might shoot a World Record but at the end of every day in the water you’ve learnt something and have a story to tell.
Spending so much time in the water I’ve used a lot of gear and have found Beuchat to be the best and most reliable gear I have ever used. The quality of the equipment is second to none. The Beuchat Spearfishing suits have the best fit, their cut and amount of panels make the suits the warmest and most comfortable I have ever worn. Beuchat spearfishing guns are top of the line gear from the wooden stock to carbon stock you will not be disappointed with them.
I currently hold Three IUSA World Records for Striped Marlin, Snapper with Speargun and Snapper with a Polestar.  I also have one IBSRC World Record for Yellowtail Kingfish and a hand full of New Zealand Records as well. With chasing big fish the the best chance you have of landing your trophy fish is having quality gear that won’t fail.
One other thing I have learned is that if I’m not enjoying my day in the water its because I’m taking it to seriously, I try to slow down and relax. My diving capability improves and I enjoy the day so much more.