Rochele Potter

Women’s World Record Holder – Spearfishing

By a stroke of luck, one day on my way to buy a scuba wetsuit I stopped at a spearfishing store and tried on an open-cell spearfishing suit.  It was a game changer, the ease of freediving quickly took the place of scuba, but after a couple of years swimming around taking bad photos I needed a better excuse to go diving.  I had a go at shooting a fish for my dinner and that first Parore (yes I ate it) has progressed into IUSA Women’s World Records for Striped Marlin, Yellowtail Kingfish, Trevally, Brown Sweetlip and Snapper (Silver Seabream).  I also hold 14 current New Zealand National Women’s records and an Australian National Women’s record for Striped Marlin.  As hungry as it sounds, we ate all those too.

The things I love most about spearfishing are the adventure and selective hunting.  Getting out on the water, making the most of the opportunities we have, learning that choosing to not shoot a fish is just as rewarding as shooting one and sharing all of this with friends is the best! I try to point my camera in the right direction and enjoy making short movies to share the adventure and hopefully inspire others to get amongst it too.

Having good gear really improved my spearfishing, my favourite gun is a Beuchat Mundial Carbon Revo-Concept 1150.  Roller guns enable me to get the same amount of power out of a gun as the guys.  I use the Revo-Concept as my big fish gun for Kingfish, Marlin, Tuna and other Pelagic fish.  My other gun which I use 90% of the time and also love is a Beuchat Mundial Carbone Revolution 1050 with a roller head which is perfect for shooting fish around the reef and weed.  The key things I like about both these guns are ease of loading, accuracy, nice and light to handle and the quality trigger mech and barrel that can safely be upgraded to more powerful rubbers and bigger shafts.

Recently I started wearing the Beuchat Rocksea Competition 5mm wetsuit.  I’m stoked with it as it’s the best fitting suit I’ve ever had, the shaped panels and super stretchy material make it really comfortable, the Trigocamo looks cool and the Braca Concept scupper keeps me smelling fresh all day long.

When it comes to adventure and the ocean, things often don’t go to plan. For me a good day is one that results in a good story to share at the end.  See you out there!

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