6.5MM TAHITIAN Shaft  1500



When choosing the correct shaft you need to look at the set up you already have on your Speargun.

As a general rule for Speargun barrel lengths longer than 750mm, a lead (the length of shaft hanging over the end of the speargun) is around 40cm. This creates more inertia because the shaft is heavier. This means that the power is maintained the full distance of the Spearguns shooting range. The lead on these shafts is ideal when hunting Kingfish, and other big species when long range shots are required.

Some Spearguns are now designed with a slightly shorter lead. This creates a lot more power in the first couple of metres of the guns firing range. This makes it ideal for snooping snapper around reefs or rocky out crops. A shorter lead also creates less drag in the water meaning the gun is much easier to manoeuvre.

Use the Beuchat Gun rubber Size Chart to find out the right length and shaft for your Speargun. This chart is not only for Beuchat spearguns, but can be used for all models.