Focea COMFORT 4 with Hood

Focea COMFORT 4 with Hood LADY 7MM


The Purpose of the Focea Comfort 4 Wetsuit is to maximise Comfort, Warmth and Durability.

To create the ultimate Scuba Diving Wetsuit, Beuchat have created the Focea Comfort 4 using 48 Different Panels and 18 differnet types of Neoprene to increase movement, improve fit, and therefore add warmth. The Inner lining is comprised completley of Fireskin which retains heat and repells water.

Other Features include:

– Elaskin seals on the wrists and ankles
– Beuchat Patented Water Dam system on the Zip
– Supratex Reinforcement on the Elbows, Knees and Shoulders
– Beuchat Flex System on behind the Knees and Elbows
– Universal Computer Holder on the wrist to stop any movement
– Comes with 5mm Hood
– Available in 7mm