Dwane Herbert
Dwane Herbert

10 Times NZ Spearfishing Champion - 2 Times Australian Spearfishing Champion!

We think that everyone will agree that Dwane Herbert is hands down NZ’s best Spearo ever produced! Having racked up 10 NZ Spearfishing titles and 2 Australian National Titles is no mean feat, even more-so, doing it before the age of 30!! Dwane was brought up around and on the water, his father was a Commercial Fisherman, so Dwane was probably catching Kina before he could crawl.. Here’s what Dwane has to say.

I've been Diving since I was 7 years old. Growing up my father is a commercial fisherman so I was on the ocean pretty much every weekend and during the holidays. I became a commercial diver when I was 18, and this allowed me to work in an environment that I loved!

Spearfishing has given me some amazing experiences; I’ve travelled with the NZ spearfishing team all over the Pacific competing at the inter pacific competition between NZ, Australia, New Caledonia. Tahiti, Guam and Hawaii.  I have also travelled to Portugal, Greece and Venezuela competing at the World Spearfishing Championships.

With work I have dived all over NZ from the 3 kings in the Far North to Stewart Island and Fiordland in the Deep South. I absolutely love the summer diving in the north with the warm clean waters and big fish. One of many highlights was sailing from NZ to Fiji, and on the way stopping at Minerva reef for a week. I saw Wahoo, Tiger Sharks and speared a Yellowfin Tuna while drifting out wide of the reef.

When I go diving I like to feel comfortable in the water and know I can rely on the gear I use. BEUCHAT has proven itself as a very sturdy and reliable brand! The wetsuits fit to your body and the material is a step ahead of any other wetsuits on the market.  

The spearguns are built to high standards and are top quality. The hand piece is the most comfortable I've ever tried.

The BEUCHAT foot pockets are a soft but hard wearing comfy for most set of foot pockets and the carbon blades put up with the roughest of conditions given the work I've put them through.