Kina Scollay
Kina Scollay

World Leading Cinematographer for Nat Geo and Discovery. An absolute shark fanatic! 

Kina is an award winning underwater cinematographer and documentary producer. Recently he filmed, produced and presented his series Ocean Predators for Prime TV, and filmed and produced Our Big Blue Backyard II for TVNZ.

In 2016 he was Underwater DOP for the Warner Bros blockbuster The Meg. He shoots for feature films and documentaries for local and international broadcasters including BBC, National Geographic, NHK, and Discovery Channel. He produced Discovery Channel special Sharks of the Shadowlands in 2015, has filmed for and appeared in several Shark Week specials, and was key underwater for Our Big Blue Backyard’s first series in 2014.

His 25 year career has taken him from the Sub-Antarctics to Cape Cod, and into the most remote corners of the Pacific. He specializes in filming marine wildlife at the top of the food chain - sharks, orca, large marine mammals and whales.

He was a founding member of the New Zealand Great White Shark Research Project, pioneered filming Great Whites from a cage in New Zealand, and co-developed a world-leading visual ID system to identify individual Great Whites - many of which he knows by name.

For many years Kina was a professional freediver for paua, crayfish and kina, in the Chatham Islands and around the South Island. He’s involved in bio-security diving in remote Fiordland, and has made countless diving and filming expeditions into New Zealand’s most remote waters.

Whether he’s diving in the tropics or in the Southern Ocean, Kina relies on Beuchat gear - dry suits, wet suits, and freedive suits, scuba and snorkel gear - whatever it takes to get the shot in challenging conditions.