Designed in France


Beuchat Products are all styled and designed at Head Office in Marseilles by our team of designers and pattern-cutters.

French expertise in this area is acknowledged all around the world. Our exclusive designs play a vital role in the comfort and in the flawless quality of our Diving and Spearfishing Equipment.

"The sea, and in particular the underwater world, is a tremendously demanding environment for both humans and equipment. As specialists, we are fully aware of the importance of the quality of our equipment. High quality is the most important guarantee of performance, endurance and reliability in a hostile environment.

That's why we take the necessary measures at every stage of the design and manufacturing process to ensure our products offer the highest possible levels of quality while limiting the negative impacts on the environment."

The same passion inspired Georges Beuchat when he created the brand that motivates the women and men of Beuchat today and every day. The passion for the sea, and for sports, the passion to imagine and create the gear that enable each of us to get the most out of our favourite aquatic sports, whether underwater diving, free diving, snorkelling, spearfishing or outdoor swimming.

As specialists in marine and underwater equipment, we are fully aware of the importance of the quality of our products in a potentially hostile universe. That’s why we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure our equipment is efficient, tough and reliable.

We not only take special care at the design stage and ensure production quality in our own Marseilles plant; we also apply rigorous selection criteria for our suppliers, aiming to develop long-term partnerships to ensure we all work together in the continual improvement of quality. In all cases, we control the quality of all our equipment before any products go to market

Though the quality of our products is essential, quality of service is just as vital and we are dedicated to maintaining the best possible relations with our customers and all those who use our products. That's why we are so vigilant about the quality of our customer service, as well as the technical and human qualities of our consumer relations agents.