Jordy Bardin

Hunt it, Catch it, Cook it!

Being introduced to the ocean as a wee four year old, a lifelong passion began. I was fortunate enough to grow up close to the coast in the Bay of Plenty, fishing, diving and gathering most weekends alongside my Dad. I think having those opportunities and being exposed to the ocean at an early age, created an obsession and comfortability with the water which I am extremely grateful to have.  

I went on to study at the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic for a couple of years, gaining a Diploma in Marine Studies as well as my PADI Divemasters. Becoming more proficient with scuba and diving in Papua New Guinea were huge highlights for me. After a time of full on scuba diving, I became interested in freediving and spearfishing was something I always wanted to get into. Now an avid freediver and spearo (and scuba diver), I enjoy the connectedness that it gives me to the aquatic environment and also the challenge and the fitness that it offers!

Getting fitted out with some quality gear was what made all the difference for me. I was blown away with the 5mm Athena suit, the flexibility is next to none and it’s all I need to keep me warm throughout winter  A favourite piece of kit are my Beuchat fin pockets and Breier fibreglass fins. I always struggled to find comfortable pockets that would fit my small feet until I tried these ones. And the fins are everything you want, fast, flexible and durable. Good fins were a game changer for me.

My career has included working as a deckhand on Akura Fishing Charters in Rarotonga. And more recently working as a deckhand/tour guide on the Glass Bottom Boat Whitianga. My goal is to gain more qualifications and experience to allow me to further explore working in the maritime industry.

When I’m not fishing or diving, you’ll find me surfing, hunting, cooking or writing articles for New Zealand Fishing News magazine. Knowing where my food comes from and hunting/catching it for myself and my whanau is extremely important. I’m passionate about encouraging others to take only what you need, utilise your catch and create some tasty meals to feed yourself and share with friends and family.

You can keep up to date with my adventures and recipes through my Instagram and Facebook – jordy_bards