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Being comfortable during a dive is one of the most important components to ensuring a successful and enjoyable outing! This is why pros divers like 10 x NZ Spearfishing Champion Dwane Herbert, Women’s Spearfishing World Record Holder Rochele Potter and celebrities like Clarke Gayford or Matt Watson all choose to dive in Beuchat equipment. They enjoy the comfort, durability and functionality which is associated with the world renowned brand and industry leader.

Fish of the Day
With Clarke Gayford

Fish of the Day is a television series where fishing becomes the perfect excuse to show off world-class travel destinations.

Each episode, host Clarke Gayford challenges himself to catch on line, and then spear a fish synonymous with each area we travel to: learning as much as he can about each species and the location he’s in. The challenge is then to hunt out the very best local chef he can find and unlock a secret mouth-watering recipe for his Fish of the Day.

Travelling everywhere from the tropical South Pacific to the last inhabitable islands before Antarctica, Fish of the Day will take you on journeys to stunning locations, introduce you to fascinating locals, and surround you with some of the world’s most amazing ocean ecology.

ITM Fishing Show
With Matt Watson

I’ve long been a fisherman, and I come from a long line of fishermen. But unlike my father, uncles and grand father, I’ve been fascinated with what goes on beneath the surface and I’ve spent a decade filming underwater. I’ve developed towable and and deepwater remote cameras, but I always admired the underwater cameramen I worked with that could free dive with such grace and ease. All of my underwater cameramen are keen spear fishers and they encouraged me to get into spear fishing, but I always felt too clumsy in the water to be any good at spearfishing. Part of my problem was I was using my scuba suit, fins, mask and snorkel, and it was not until I got set up with a full set of Beuchat Mundial gear that I could really appreciate what a difference good gear makes. So now I was a little more fluid in the water I got my first speargun, a 105 Marlin Carbon Elite. I really wanted to shoot a snapper, and I was aware of how challenging this would be given they are very flighty and shy. I  been given all sorts of advice from some of New Zealand's best spear fishers of how to find, approach and shoot a snapper, and on my very first day out with my first spear gun, I actually saw one. All the advice went out the window, I simply predicted its path, sunk down behind a rock, and with out thinking I had pulled the trigger, and there it was on the end of my spear. From that moment on I now think about spear fishing just as much as line fishing. With that same gun in the last five years I have shot a range of fish including Trevally, Mahimahi, Wahoo and Kingfish, but its still the challenge of staling a snapper in the shallows that I get the most satisfaction from. And from that first snapper my technique has remained unchanged, I don’t have great breath hold, I can’t dive deep, I just put myself in the right places and let instinct do the rest.


The Beuchat scuba gear I have has really been put to the test, it’s been dragged in and out of boats, beaches and vehicles, and I just give it a fresh water wash, dry it out and it’s good to go again. I’ve had years of flawless performance and it’s the most comfortable suit and BCD I’ve ever owned. I’ve been recommending it to friends for years, and now they’re recommending it too - its good gear.

South Seas Spearo
Showcasing epic underwater action from home and afar!

This ground-breaking series follows a tight knit group of fanatical fin-addicts on their extreme spearfishing expeditions. These top athletes dive beyond 100 feet, facing the dangers of the deep in pursuit of underwater adventures. It's action that will take your breath away!