Rocksea Competition - 5mm
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The Rocksea Competition Open Cell suit is a really comfortable 5mm 2 piece suit that you can happily spend the day in.  The scupper certainly helps with this.  The material is soft and flexible, warm and buoyant.  

The SPOT jacket is a must in our eyes, the highly visible orange pattern helps you be seen by your boat when on the surface and by your buddy when you dive.  In good visibility the camp part of the suit blurs into the rocks and even into the deep blue, but the orange glows an eerie white when you are looking at your buddy at depth.  In a really low visibility div in the harbour on a 6m scallop dive, the orange fades at about 5m, where a standard camo or black suit is lost at about 3 metres.

50 years after inventing the isothermal spear fishing suit, Beuchat breaks new ground in camouflaged spearfishing suits by being the first to create a camouflage comprised of actual photographs assembled in 3D using trigonometric calculation software.

  • Trigocamo : innovative and exclusive three-dimensional camouflage gear
  • Soft neoprene Elaskin X 8.2 for excellent comfort and fit
  • Ergofit : ergonomic cut, with attention paid to every detail for maximum comfort
  • Back-cut : special contours on the rear of the suit to avoid pockets developing on the back and between the shoulders
  • One-piece face seal for improved comfort, water tightness and durability
  • Reinforcements : non-slip 3D-Grip elbows, knees and sternal support
  • Padded sternal reinforcement : greater stability and comfort, for carrying long and powerful weapons.
  • Beaver tail : ergonomic profile to avoid thickness between the thighs, double-button fastening.
  • Available as: Jacket with hood and Long John

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