Sam Wild

NZ Spearo Community Founder, and Class act with Photography and Videography.

Kiaora, my name is Sam Wild and to put it short, I am addicted to spearfishing. Growing up, my life has always been involved in and around the ocean, like most Kiwi’s, as I was never far from the sea. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to spearfish for the first time in my early teens, but the love and the passion for the sport really exploded when I moved to Wellington to begin my degree in Marine Biology. The idea of my choice of study was to lead me on a path to be able to work closely with what I love, the ocean, and the coasts of Wellington guided in a direction I didn’t quite expect, but ultimately pointed toward my dream line of work.

I subsidized my financially poor student lifestyle with kai from the coasts. Crayfish, Paua, Tarakihi, Blue Cod and much more were apart of the staple diet and I soon found myself skipping classes for ‘practice lessons’, disappearing down the spearfishing rather than sitting in the lecture theatres. It didn’t take long to pick up another addiction, which was capturing and creating videos to help communicate just how amazing and unique our underwater world really was. I soon began to take my spearfishing to the rest of the country, falling in love with hunting the other species more commonly found such as the likes of snapper, kingfish and boarfish. My diving achievements since then have included becoming an award winning photographer, a PB kingfish of over 30kg, winning the trophies for the 'Largest Snapper' and 'Most Meritorious Fish' of the 2016 Nationals Competition with a 26lb snapper snooped on the first morning, spearing a Hapuka and getting a mainland one on film, 37kg dogtooth tuna and plenty more. 

That hobby of filming my spearfishing adventures soon grew into a career path, where I am now a contract underwater photographer & videographer, who has been lucky enough to travel the length of New Zealand filming for various outfits, with some of the highlights being diving with monsters of the Three Kings Islands, filming and spearing Hapuka at the Chatham Islands and filming and documenting the critters of Fiordland National Park - as well as everywhere in between, and or me to be able to do my work, I cannot compromise on quality of gear. I have been in Beuchat suits even before I became a part of the brand family, and after trying various other brands I would want to be with anyone else. The Rocksea Competition suit with their Safety Spot is a suit that I will forever be diving in - it cannot be beaten in comfort and warmth and has been my go to for all spearfishing, from diving Wellington all year round, commercial diving in the Chathams and even diving Fiordland in the middle of winter - the 5mm has been amazing and the safety spot has always been a massive asset to all of my dive buddies. I have been using the range of beuchat guns for the last few years which have helped me tackle all fish, from the species on the reefs and weed lines of temperate NZ to the reefs of the tropics. 

Moving forward, I cannot wait for the scenes and the fish I will be shooting in the future - with both camera and speargun - and I couldn’t be more stoked to be doing it as a part of the Beuchat Whanau.