Spear gun

Whats your passion?

In 1947 George Beuchat invented the first Speargun, and then in 1953 he invented the very first Isothermal Wetsuit. With that kind of history, there is a reason everyone who uses Beuchat dives with confidence!

The Dive Gear Professionals Trust

Being comfortable during a dive is one of the most important components to ensuring a successful and enjoyable outing! This is why pros divers like 7 x NZ Spearfishing Champion Dwane Herbert, Women’s Spearfishing World Record Holder Rochele Potter and celebrities like Clarke Gayford or Matt Watson all choose to dive in Beuchat equipment. They enjoy the comfort, durability and functionality which is associated with the world renowned brand and industry leader.

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Designed & Engineered in Marseille

In 1947 George Beuchat invented the first Speargun. In 1953 he invented the first Isothermal Wetsuit. Having spent over 70 years developing equipment designed to improve your dive, no matter your passion you can have confidence with Beuchat.

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