Love your diving? So do we

Over those wet and wild winter days, when its impossible to get out we put together a range of resources that will be sure to improve your diving and get your  blood pumping from excitement.

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Rochele and Marlin

1. Watch Team Beuchat Members in Action

Watch videos of the world’s best freedivers in action


Beuchat JD-1

2. * UPDATED* Fish Species Identification

Learn from the pros about what to target, when and how


Rochele WR King_web 3. Spearfishing FAQ’s

Not sure what the difference between a Spearfishing and Scuba Diving Wetsuit is? How about how often should I Re-Rig my Speargun?

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Mundial COMPETITION 10004. Product Innovations

*NEW* Beuchat Retail Pricelist (PFD)

*New* Glide Point Spears



Do’s and Dont’s When Freediving 


  • Always train and dive with a buddy
  • Ensure proper warm ups & preparation before getting into the water


  • Don’t ever dive or train alone
  • Never hyperventilate before a dive

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