The ITM Fishing Show

The Beuchat scuba gear I have has really been put to the test, it’s been dragged in and out of boats, beaches and vehicles, and I just give it a fresh water wash, dry it out and it’s good to go again. I’ve had years of flawless performance and it’s the most comfortable suit and BCD I’ve ever owned. I’ve been recommending it to friends for years, and now they’re recommending it too – it’s good gear.

Matt Watson – ITM Fishing Show


Fish of the Day

I enjoy spearfishing so much I’ve turned it into my new TV series. Tin arse I know. It’s called Fish of the Day, and will begin screening early 2016.

Although I love fishing, for me spearing and getting in the water takes priority every time.

I’ve found having a background in surfing solid waves a real help with getting comfortable in the water. Good equipment is another factor to being comfortable.

Having tried several different brands, I can honestly say that Beuchat does it best when it comes to cuts of suit and the superior neoprene they exclusively use. My Marlin Prestige, it’s the best suit I’ve ever had.

Clarke Gayford – Fish of the Day

TRSTHC_Logo_3D_LRThe Hunters Club

Here at The Hunters Club, our aim is to shine a light on all forms of hunting, not just land based endeavours. When you strip it all back, hunting basically boils down to the act of pitting your skills, intelligence and physical ability against that of your quarry. We feel that this holds true as much above the water as it does below.

Spearfishing demands all the same attributes required for successful hunting on land; an in-depth understanding of your prey, clever tactics and strategies to negate their greatly increased senses, and a tonne of patience. It’s a silent and often quite a solitary experience, and one that calls for as much mental strength as physical.

Of all the various forms of hunting, it’s certainly the most challenging to translate on camera a true picture of the entirely immersive nature of the sport, but we’re confident that with the backing of the awesome team at Beuchat that we’ll be able to take our viewers as far as possible into understanding what makes your average spearo tick without having them get their feet wet.

The Hunters Club

F&A Logo 2014

Fishing and Adventure

When it comes to making the show Fishing and Adventure, we want to incorporate all aspects of fishing.  That means getting kitted out with the best gear for Spearfishing and there is really only one option – Beuchat.  Both of us were new to Spearfishing before trying out Beuchat gear but once acquainted with the kit it was easy to see why this was such a reputable brand and why Spearfishing was so popular!

Scott Parry and Mig Rumney – Fishing & Adventure.